I've been working since 1998 as designer and programmer in a platitude of technologies. I am a versatile full-stack developer, comfortable with everything desktop, web and mobile.


Rafa Rodríguez

Software Engineer & Entrepreneur
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Skills > PHP - C++ - C# - Java - Python - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - jQuery - Bootstrap - MaterializeCss - Drupal - Wordpress - PostgreSQL - MySQL - Windows - Linux - Telegram API - Bash - Algorithmics

My memory images from feb/1998

Amstrad PCW + CPM + Mallard BASIC + AT 286 + GW BASIC + MS-DOS 6.22 + Amstrad XT + QBasic + Borland Pascal

My projects

Div PHP Template Engine

Template engine for PHP, with powerfull features for programmers and template's designers. This solution is implemented in a single class, in one file, considering the template like an object.

13+ Best PHP Template Engines to Design your PHP Web Project!

Div Ajax Mapping

Mapping PHP data, functions and methods in JavaScript. It is an open source library for JavaScript and PHP, that allow mapping the PHP functions, static methods of classes and arbitrary data when instance a JavaScript class. With this class you can call a functions and methods via AJAX. 

Div PHP Nodes

No-SQL Database System for PHP. Is a library for storage relational and serialized data using only PHP. The database can be divided into schemas. The objects (nodes) can be indexed for full text search and fast lookup.

Many PHP applications use relational databases to store and retrieve application information by connecting to SQL database servers.

This class provides a pure PHP implementation of a noSQL database that stores and retrieves information in files.

It provides features to avoid problems caused by concurrent accesses such as the use of proper file locking, among other the non-trivial file database access features.

Div PHP Ways

Div PHP Ways is a library for controlling the flow of a PHP application.

A "way" is different to a "route". We need a path for found a specific resource, but we need a way for do something. This library follow this concept when implements the routing and control of PHP application.

With Div Ways you should think more about "control points" than on controllers of an MVC pattern. Control points are activated when they are needed, ie on demand, depending on the definition you have made.

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Ads channel & bot


Cuba ¿Dónde Hay?

Channel & bot for sharing market product's loctaion


Áncora, Timetable generator

Timetable generator for different school levels, with flexible data structure. Allow to make analytics and reports.

Ápex, search engine

Ápex is a search engine written in PHP & PostgreSQL, that centrializes data from several sources in a unique database.



Mention in National Computing Competition of the Ministry of Higher Education (MES) of Cuba for Áncora GOH 1.0.


Relevant Award for Áncora GOH 1.0.1 in the Science and Technology Forum (FCT) of the CUJAE


Presentation of the talk "Applications on e-mail systems", in the Social Meeting of Developers.

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Participation in the International Free Software Conference in Havana, CubaConf 2016.


Participation in the International Free Technology Conference in Havana, CubaConf 2017.


Participation in the Internet Freedom Festival, Valencia, Spain


Participation in the Internet Freedom Conferences & Workshops, Stockholm, Sweden & Tallinn, Estonia